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1) Any child under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times.

2) No smoking is allowed inside the lodge.

3) No unauthorized or concealed weapons of any kind, or high powered rifles are allowed on the premises at any time.

4) No hunting under the influence of drugs or alcohol are allowed.  The right to decide if a person is under the influence is solely at the discretion of the owners, employees, representatives, or agents of Langham Outdoors Ltd.

5) Langham Outdoors Ltd., its employees, agents or representative are not responsible for hunter's personal stands.

6) No customer ATV's or utility vehicles of any kind are allowed on the premises.

7) No littering is allowed.

8) Hunters are allowed to take only four (4) marked arrows to the stand.

9) Hunters are able to take (1) one mature buck and unlimited does.

10) Hunters must stay in the stands at all times during the hunt.  No walking or stalking is allow until permission is granted by a representative of Langham Outdoors Ltd..

11) No hunter is allowed to look for or track a wounded animal without a guide present.

12) If an animal has been wounded more than once, whoever draws first blood on said animal is charged for that animal.

13) Trophy fees must be paid in full for any animal you harvest or wound.  There is no exception to this rule as the hunter

is responsible for what he/she is aiming at, at all times.

14) Hunters may not aim, shoot at, or harvest a second animal until the first one has been checked in.  If a hunter shoots

more than one animal without checking in the prior harvest, the first animal will be forfeited, along with any trophy

fee paid for said animal.

15) Each group is responsible for any missing equipment or property damage to Langham Outdoors Ltd..

16) Each hunter must  have proper tags/permits (see links page).

17) All hunters are required to have a valid Illinois hunting license (see links page).

18) Only bow hunting is allowed for deer, however shotguns are allowed for turkey hunting. 


19) Arrival time for deer hunts is after 12:00 p.m. the day before your hunt begins and before 12:00 p.m. the day after your hunt ends. 


20) Langham Outdoors Ltd. is fully insured; however, safety harnesses and signed waivers are required for each hunter.


21) Failure to comply with the above rules and regulations or any unlawful act will be grounds for immediate

dismissal of the entire group from the premises and any fees or money paid to Langham Outdoors Ltd. will be forfeited.